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Amazon signs Manchester Utd’s Pogba

Amazon Studios has signed an overall deal with Manchester United’s French international midfielder Paul Pogba and has greenlit a documentary series about the footballer’s life.

Paul Pogba

Titled The Pogmentary, the Amazon original series will be produced by Mediawan Group’s Black Dynamite and made available on Prime Video in France and around the world next year.

The series will give a unique and intimate look at Pogba’s life, passions and origins, opening up a side of him never seen before by fans through previously unreleased footage from his childhood and conversations with his family, friends and teammates.

Georgia Brown, head of European Originals at Amazon Studios, said: “Paul Pogba is one of the most prominent talents of his time, so we are thrilled to be collaborating with him with an overall deal and his series, The Pogmentary.

“We all know Paul for what he can do on a football pitch, but his influence reaches much further and he is without doubt an icon for an entire generation. Through the unprecedented access afforded to us, Prime Video will show the man behind the fame, delving into his life off the pitch and letting him tell his story in his own words.”


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